Independent venues and restaurants are facing an uncertain future right now. As we start to emerge from the pandemic it’s important to find ways to encourage people back out. Introducing Dine Local. 


Dine Local app offers quick and easy ordering for Dine-in Customers, Collection Orders and advanced Delivery service. 


Dine Local is the best restaurant order taking app for independent venues. It offers a free app that enables customers to place table service orders via their mobile phones. 

Dine Local is also used by independent venues for delivery and collection orders. The Dine Local app has been designed with the independent venue in mind, allowing you to access all of your orders from one simple platform, including dine-in tables, takeaways and delivery services. 

Provide a fast & easy experience for your customers. 

Your customers will love the convenience of Dine Local. With our app, they don’t have to wait on hold or navigate through a website to order their food. They can place their order and pay for it with their phone! 

Your waitstaff will love Dine Local because we do all the work for you. There’s no more taking orders and running them back to the kitchen, which means less time spent running around the restaurant. You’ll also save money on paper (since there is no longer a large need for printed menus). 

Increase profits with every order placed. 

The Dine Local platform gives you the opportunity to increase your profit margins and grow your customer base. It also provides a quality experience for customers, which will increase their satisfaction with the venue. Customer retention is key, as it increases loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. 

The app is geared towards supporting all independent venues. 

The Dine Local app is designed to enable people to discover and support all independent venues, not just restaurants. It works by offering a one-stop shop for local businesses, allowing you to search for the best places in your area and then order directly from the app. 

Why is this important? Well, if you think about it – this means that businesses like cafes, bars and pubs can now also benefit from getting discovered on an app geared towards supporting independent venues! 

This means that even if you’re a bar or cafe owner who doesn’t currently have their own website (or other way of being found online), there’s still hope for you! 


So now you know why and how we’ve built this app. It is our mission to make the way restaurants do business easier. We are an extension of your restaurant and help you streamline the way you operate. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that helps grow your business then Dine Local App is for you – get in touch with us today!